Social Media Advertising

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Over the years, social media has allowed individuals to connect with one another on a deeper level almost anywhere in the world and at any time through the use of the internet. This level of connection is not only great for friends and families, but it also benefits businesses by allowing businesses a deeper connection with their current and potential audience. When it comes to marketing on social media, there are two types of traffic known as paid and organic traffic. Paid traffic comes from promotions or ads that run on a monthly budget; whereas, organic traffic deals with all the ways people find your profile for free such as interacting with posts or content. SEO Skokie offers the best of both worlds with a mixed social media advertising strategy set to help grow your online presence. For more information contact our Skokie team about social media advertising services. 

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Does My Business Need To Be On Social Media?

Whether it’s for entertainment or educational purposes, more and more people continue to integrate social media into their everyday lives. Last year alone Tik Tok saw over 1 billion users on their platform and Facebook sold millions on their marketplace, but what does that mean? and how does it relate to business? 

When you see numbers like that it means that individuals are interacting and engaging with content and pages on the platform both in a social and business manner. Where one person connects with a friend or sees a funny video someone else makes a purchase or learns about a new service. Social media advertising is a great way for businesses of all sizes to grow their brand or even make sales and because of this, the answer to the question is yes all businesses should be on social media in order to grow.

Contact SEO Skokie To Manage Your Social Media

Looking to get into social media advertising for your business but don’t want to waste money on inefficient campaigns? Our team at SEO Skokie has got you covered as our experts provide quality social media advertising services for both organic and paid growth on a variety of different social media platforms. For more information on individual social media advertising services please fill out the form found on this page or the contact us page, or for immediate assistance or information on social media services not listed on the website please call our Skokie team using the button below and a member of our team will help assist you immediately.