Google My Business

What Is GOOGLE My Business?

A GMB or Google My Business profile is a way for businesses to advertise in their local area via the Google Map Pack. This can be a very powerful tool for any business as oftentimes it will be the first thing users see when coming to the Google search engine result page in their local area. Now a common misconception is that Google My Business profiles are always in order of distance from the current location; however, this is not true, as much just like the regular organic search results, the Google Map Pack operates with its own algorithm determining the best search results for each local search based on the GMB profile and how it fits the individual algorithm. For more information on how GMB or Google My Business profiles work and how you can get one for your business by contacting our GMB experts 

Skokie Google My Business
Skokie Google My Business

Is A GMB Profile Necessary?

With Google My Business profiles targeting the local area heavily and appearing at the top of most search results, it’s no surprise why they are becoming a popular option for businesses all over. Profiles can quickly rack up thousands of views per month leading to multiple leads. Aside from just allowing people to contact your business, Google My Business profiles are also great for spreading information about your business with things like business hours, contact information, and even updated posts about deals and recent jobs being posted to the profile and then advertised to the local area. In the end the answer to the question is yes, all businesses that plan to increase their local search presence should have a GMB profile and our experts at SEO Skokie can help you not only build your profile but optimize it monthly as well. 

Contact SEO Skokie To Help Grow Your GMB

Setting up your GMB profile can be a difficult and stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, hire our team at SEO Skokie to handle and optimize your GMB profile at a monthly rate. For more information on our GMB service please fill out the form located on this page or the contact us page. For immediate assistance give our team in Skokie a call using the button below where you will be connected to one of our GMB experts for immediate help with any questions you may have..