Google AdWords

What Are Google Adwords?

Have you ever wondered how does Google make so much revenue despite offering a free search engine for all of its users? The answer to that question would be from things such as Google Adwords which as of 2020 account for over 7 billion dollars in total revenue for the company. Google Adwords is a paid form of advertisement in which a user will set a monthly budget and bid on specific keywords and phrases they would like their website to appear for. Google Adwords requires an individual to have a Google account set up to start advertising on their platform; however, once established users may create, manage, and adjust each Google Adwords campaign accordingly. For more information on Google adwords please contact our experts at SEO Skokie using the button below. 

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Google ads

Are Google Adwords For My Business?

Google Adwords can be an expensive way to advertise a business, especially when paying per click; however, despite the overall expense, Google Adwords can be a great way to generate immediate revenue unlike organic marketing channels such as SEO. The reason for this is that Google Adwords allows for a company to be shot to the top of all search results for a given term allowing for immediate interaction or views from potential clients. So the answer to the question is yes, although Google AdWords requires an effective campaign strategy to truly get the most out of each dollar by hiring our team at SEO Skokie you save yourself money by taking all the extra guessing out of your Google Adwords campaigns making it right for any business. 

Contact SEO Skokie To Manage Your Google Adwords

Running a bad Google Adwords campaign can be the same as throwing money down the drain, don’t waste your money instead call our team at SEO Skokie. We specialize in a variety of digital marketing services including Google Adwords. We will create, optimize and manage all of your Google Adwords needs. To learn more about our Google Adwords services please contact our Skokie location using the form found on this webpage or the contact us form and a team member will contact you as soon as possible. For immediate assistance please use the button below where you will be connected to our team through a phone call for immediate help.